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About Us

Our company was founded in July of 2020 by seven friends. All of us already had our own successful companies but we realized we had a common goal: to bring to market dehydrated fruit – blueberry and raspberry – using a unique technology.

Our drying technology is special. We can extract moisture while allowing the fruit to retain the same nutritional value as in its original, raw state. The fruits shape and flavor are also preserved.

100% Organic

The healthy origin of fruits is guaranteed


It grows in the forests of the Balkan mountains.


It comes from organic farming.

Our Products

Retain their color and flavor, keep 98% of their nutritional value, crispy texture, preservative free fruits.

They can be consumed rehydrated or in their own form. They are ideal for making muesli, yogurt, sorbet, smoothies and culinary specialities.

Dehydrated blueberry

Dehydrated raspberry

We Offer

Healthy foods, healthy lifestyle

100% natural

We dry wild and organically farmed fruits.

Preservative free

We do not add preservatives during processing.

Rich in vitamins

Our products retain 98% of the raw fruit’s nutritional value.

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